Jean Francois Bergeron vs. Dominick Guinn

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Jean Francois Bergeron 226 lbs lost to Dominick Guinn 224 lbs by KO at 2:40 in round 2 of 10

  • Time: 2:40
  • Weights: Bergeron 226.2 lbs, Guinn 223.4 lbs


Heavyweight Dominic Guinn of Houston, Texas, scored a mild upset by stopping ex-Olympian Jean-Francois Bergeron in his native Canada. A series of right hands from the attacking Guinn, now 26-6-1 with 20 kayos, left Quebec's Bergeron, now 27-2 with 19 kayos, defenseless and in serious trouble on the ropes, where he continued taking them unanswered until he fell to the canvas. Bergeron beat the count, but was on rubbery legs and did not know where he was and his eyes were glassy, prompting the stoppage. Time: 2:40 of round two. Guinn, who lost his last two bouts by decision, entered this bout with new trainer James Johnson. For Bergeron, who won a Silver Medal at the 1995 Pan American Games and competed for Canada in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, it was the first time in his ten year pro career he was stopped.