Daniel Jacobs vs. Emmanuel Gonzalez

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Daniel Jacobs 164 lbs beat Emmanuel Gonzalez 164 lbs by UD in round 6 of 6

  • Date: 2008-09-27
  • Location: Home Depot Center, Carson, California, USA
  • Judge: 60-52
  • Judge: 59-54
  • Judge: 59-53
  • Weights: Jacobs 164 lbs, Gonzalez 163½ lbs


Jacobs was very active in the opening round, letting his hands go up and down on his opponent while leaving himself open to a few counter punches from Gonzalez. Jacobs continued to press forward in round two, walking down Gonzalez until an impressive three punch combo put Gonzalez down to the canvas. Gonzalez showed good poise in allowing the referee to count to eight before rising. Gonzalez was looking more to survive in rounds three and four and Jacobs obliged by taking his foot off the gas and working on his defense against the ropes. Jacobs came out with more gusto in the fifth round, with a barrage of speedy punches, putting Gonzalez down for the second time in the fight.