James Toney vs. Fres Oquendo

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James Toney 230 lbs beat Fres Oquendo 219 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12

  • WBO NABO Heavyweight Title (Vacant title)
  • IBA Heavyweight Title (Vacant title)
  • Aired on: Versus


In an exciting heavyweight bout, three time world champion James Toney won the IBA and WBO NABO Heavyweight Titles by a 12 round split decision over former 2 Time heavyweight title challenger Fres Oquendo. Oquendo threw more total punches in every round and landed more total punches on 8 out of the 12 Rounds. Oquendo clearly won 11( 22-6 blows) and 12 ( 32-11 blows)as well as hurting toney in the 11th round but failed to finish the granite chin former champion. Oquendo closed the show by outlanding Toney 109-47 the last 4 rounds. However, In what must be the most bizarre moment in professional boxing in 2008, in round 4, Oquendo pushed Toney towards the ring ropes during a clinch, and Toney slipped on one of the mat advertisements on the ring floor and rolled out of the ring! He immediately climbed back into the ring uninjured and the action resumed. After one warning, Referee Dr. Lou Moret finally took a point away from Oquendo in round 8 for rabbit punching. After watching the replay it is obvious Oquendo hit Toney on the ear and not behind the head. The one point penalty proved costly, as it not only cost Oquendo a round he was winning, but ultimately cost him the fight. Toney fought a clean bout. As the scores were announced, Toney knelt in his corner in prayer for 'one more chance' at the heavyweight title. Oquendo once again appeared to be in shock after another robbery of the year candidate.

  • Versus viewers had Oquendo winning in the scoring 115-113
  • Versus blows report: Oquendo 222/740 30%, Toney 154/491 31%.
  • Versus announcers had Oquendo winning 116-112.
  • Most Boxing writers had Oquendo winning 116-112

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