Tyson Fury vs. Daniel Peret

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Tyson Fury 248 lbs beat Daniil Peretyatko 252 lbs by RTD at 3:00 in round 2 of 6

  • Date: 2009-02-28
  • Location: Norwich Showground, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
  • Referee: Ken Curtis

Time: 3:00
Aired On: ITV Sport
Commentators: John Rawling, Duke McKenzie


  • Peret (15-20) came in having lost eight of his last eleven contests. It was the third professional bout for Tyson Fury (2-0).
  • Fury controlled the fight using his immense height and reach advantages to land while remaining beyond the punches of Peret. He connected with several solid shots to the ample midsection of Peret as well as a couple upstairs that slipped past the guard.
  • Midway through Round 2, Peret developed a cut over his left eye. Following the round, referee Ken Curtis came over to view the cut and check with Peret's corner. He immediately turned and waved an end to the bout. To his credit, Peret wanted to continue.