David Tua vs. Shane Cameron

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David Tua 238 lbs beat Shane Cameron 228 lbs by KO at 0:20 in round 2 of 12

Cameron was knocked down twice in round one. After the second knockdown, Tua landed a left hook to the rib cage and a right to the head of Cameron while Cameron was on the canvas. Referee McTavish counted over Cameron as a knockdown. Cameron beat the count, and then the referee called a timeout near the end of the round, and seemed to be checking with officials at ringside, but no disqualification was called, and the bell was sounded ending the round. In round two, the referee stopped the fight twenty seconds in, as Tua landed several hooks to the head of a defenseless Cameron on the ropes that left him slumped on the canvas, knocked out. This bout can be seen in its entirety on Youtube.