Cesar Canchila vs. Giovanni Segura (2nd meeting)

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Cesar Canchila 108 lbs lost to Giovani Segura 108 lbs by TKO at 2:59 in round 4 of 12

Aired On: Box Azteca
Time: 3:00


  • Canchila came in ranked as the # 3 contender for Flyweight Title by The Ring Magazine. Segura came in ranked # 4 by the same publication.
  • Canchila down in Round 1 from an accumulation capped with a right hand.
  • Canchila down again in Round 2 from a looping left hand.
  • As the 4th Round concluded, the referee stepped in a waved an end to the bout as Canchila was backed into a corner and taking punches.


Much like the previous bout, defense was not the primary concern as both fighters threw wide, often wild shots. Canchila got caught early on and as he was backed against the ropes, Segura landed a power shot that crumpled Canchila against the ropes. He was able to beat the referee's count and was allowed to continue. It appeared that the fight may have very well been stopped here, as Canchila, despite beating the count, remained very wobbly on his feet. He was able to gather himself enough, however, to survive the round. In the 2nd Round, Segura landed a looping left hand as Canchila was backed into a corner that sent him down for the second time in the fight. In Round 4, in what was a bit of a confusing stoppage, the bell could clearly be heard ringing multiple times and Canchila's corner had entered the ring as it appeared that the round had ended. Nonetheless, the referee separated the fighters and waved an end to the bout. The official time given was 3:00, although it was more accurately 3:10 unofficially.

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