Tomasz Adamek vs. Bobby Gunn

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Official Fight Poster

Tomasz Adamek 199 lbs beat Bobby Gunn 194 lbs by RTD at 3:00 in round 4 of 12


Bout Summary

Adamek controlled the action throughout. He walked his opponent down, consistently worked Gunn over with the jab and found success both with the right hand and power shots to the body. A right hand in the opening seconds of Round 3 buckled the knees of Gunn and nearly sent him down. In the opening minute of Round 4, Gunn stuck out his head and encouraged Adamek to hit him. To which, Adamek did with a few jabs. In the final minute of the 4th, Adamek began to pound Gunn with combinations and had him in backed in the corner and in trouble as the bell rang. Following the round, the ringside physician came to Gunn's corner and immediately said "I am stopping this fight." Gunn's corner asked for at least one more round and Gunn was visibly disappointed with the stoppage. To his credit and despite being well outclassed, Gunn kept his feet after taking some powerful shots and did land a few good looping left hands.