Saul Alvarez vs. Jeferson Luis Goncalo

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Saul Alvarez 147 lbs beat Jeferson Luis Goncalo 147 lbs by KO at 1:54 in round 9 of 12

  • NABF Welterweight Title (3rd defense of Alvarez)
  • Time: 1:54
  • Aired on: Televisa
  • Attendance: 5,000


  • Open scoring was used in this fight.
  • After four rounds, all three judges had Alvarez ahead 40-36. Similarly, after eight rounds, Alvarez was up 80-72 on all cards.
  • A short powerful right hook to the temple wobbled Goncalo early in round 9. Alvarez, realizing he had his opponent hurt, finished him off with a quick left-right combination a shade under the two-minute mark. The referee didn't even bother starting a count and immediately waved the fight over.

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NABF Welterweight Title Fight
# 77
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