Leo Santa Cruz vs. Jonathan Velardez

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Leo Santa Cruz 119 lbs beat Jonathan Velardez 118 lbs by UD in round 6 of 6

Aired On: CSS


  • Leo Santa Cruz 8-0-1 (2 KOs) vs. Jonathan Velardez 6-1 (4 KOs)
  • Santa Cruz entered having won seven straight, while Velardez was coming off the first loss of his professional career to Rico Ramos via unanimous decision.
  • Santa Cruz had been struggling the week prior to the bout with a stomach virus.

Bout Summary

Velardez came out throwing big punches, mostly to the body, against a largely defensive Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz pressed the action in Round 2 and seemed to catch Velardez off-guard by his change in activity. Santa Cruz used his reach advantage to land effectively in the third, catching an often off-balance Velardez with straight right hands. Midway through Round 4, a cut opened over the left eye of Velardez. It was ruled to be result of a punch. Round 6 opened with both fighters exchanging before Velardez returned to his strategy of circling the ring and looking for counter-punching opportunities. The fight ended with both throwing wildly, but neither connecting to effect.