Tomasz Adamek vs. Andrew Golota

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Tomasz Adamek 215 lbs beat Andrew Golota 256 lbs by TKO at 1:20 in round 5 of 12

Bout Summary

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Adamek, 32, Jersey City, New Jersey, 39-1 with 32 KOs, won every round against Golota, 41, Chicago, Illinois, now 41-8-1 with 33 KOs, and the rounds were not close. Both men began the bout with jab combinations, Adamek landing more with the right, and an overweight Golota landing more with his left. But Adamek's punches were coming in faster, and a right hand lead followed by a left hook coming in too fast to see or stop dropped Golota in the first. In round two, Adamek used combinations to the body to wear down Golota, and jabs to the face to cut Golota's left eye badly. Golota began to headhunt with his hands down, showing no defense, looking for 'one big shot' to win the bout, but there was no 'target'. Adamek continued firing fast jabs in rounds three and four, as Golota continued to slow. Adamek dropped Golota with a right hand in round five, and though Golota beat the count, Adamek was landing jabs and hooks at will, mixing his punches so well that the defenseless former contender Golota took a senseless beating until referee Bill Clancy stopped the bout, and the severe beating appeared to end Golota's career.