Tim Coleman vs. Mike Arnaoutis

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Tim Coleman 140 lbs beat Mike Arnaoutis 140 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12

Tim Coleman of Baltimore won the vacant USBA Light Welterweight title with a controversial 12 round split decision over 'Mighty' Mike Arnaoutis of Greece in a televised bout which looked like it go either way. Arnaoutis threw slightly more punches and landed at a higher percentage than Coleman, particularly his left jab. However Coleman was constantly on the attack, and both punched and counterpunched well, talking to his opponent while landing overland lefts and hooks frequently with confidence, which kept the bout close to call. Close bout.

  • Arnoutis suffered a puff under his right eye in round four, and a cut beside the eye a little later. Coleman was butting the cut in round 12, and Arnoutis resented it after the bout.
  • Versus Blows: Arnoutis 210/688 31%; Coleman 177/602 29%.