Yuri Foreman vs. Miguel Angel Cotto

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Official Fight Poster

Miguel Cotto 153 lbs beat Yuri Foreman 154 lbs by TKO at 0:42 in round 9 of 12


  • Yuri Foreman 28-0 (8 KOs) vs. Miguel Cotto 34-2 (27 KOs)
  • Foreman, a 1.5/1 betting underdog[1], entered ranked as the # 6 junior-middleweight in the world according to The Ring Magazine. Cotto, who was making his first appearance above 147 pounds, was ranked as the # 5 welterweight by the same publication.
  • Cotto earned $2 million for the fight and Foreman a career-high $750,000, according to promoter Bob Arum. [2]
  • It was the first fight for Cotto under new trainer Emanuel Steward.
  • Fight was part of the first boxing card to be held at the new Yankee Stadium which opened in 2009. The old Yankee Stadium hosted 46 boxing events over 53 years, but none since the 3rd meeting of Muhammad Ali and Ken Norton in 1976.[3]
  • Attendance for the bout was 20,272.

Bout Summary

Foreman went down from a slip in the 7th Round when his already braced, right knee buckled. He got back to his feet and continued fighting despite heavily favoring the knee. After a few more falls from the knee giving out and Cotto beginning to land, Foreman's trainer Joe Grier threw in the towel midway through the 8th Round. Naturally, the ring filled with both camps and officials. Cotto and Foreman even embraced, believing it was over. Feeling that Foreman was in no immediate danger, however, Referee Arthur Mercante Jr. asked him if he wanted to continue, and he did. While the crowd was not sure what was happening, the ring was cleared after a delay of a couple of minutes and the fight resumed with about half the round remaining. Cotto landed a left hook to the body and Foreman went down 42 seconds into the 9th Round, seemingly as much from the blow as from his inability to put weight on the leg, and Mercante called off the fight.[4]


  • "The towel came in the heat of the battle. They had a good exchange going. I felt it wasn't necessary to stop it. I didn't know where it (the towel) came from. There was no need to stop the fight. They were in the middle of a great fight. That's what the fans came to see. I felt I did the right thing to let it continue. - Arthur Mercante Jr.[5]