Ina Menzer vs. Jeannine Garside

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Garside after her win over Menzer

Ina Menzer 126 lbs lost to Jeannine Garside 125 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

Garside came forward as the aggressor the entire bout to score left-right jab combinations in center ring on the inside on 26-0 Menzer to win a unanimous decision and universal recognition as the women's world Featherweight champion. Despite apparent dominance by Garside for at least the first eight rounds, the bout was still up for grabs on the scorecards in the tenth and final round, when Garside dropped a tired Menzer on the ropes onto the seat of her pants with a counter right-left combination with 23 seconds left. Despite being a clear knockdown, referee Daniel Van De Wiele ruled it a slip. Although she was robbed of a 10-8 round, Garside easily won the round, securing the win. Two judges scored the bout for Garside 96-94 though the bout did not appear to be nearly that close. This was the sixth consecutive world title bout for Garside, covering IFFA, WIBA, WIBF, WBC and WBO, most of any foe coming to Germany to dethrone Menzer. Garside was the third of four consecutive southpaws to win on the Arslan-Herelius fight card in Germany, a rarity. Garside, it should be noted, showed up at the weigh in and for the bout with a huge black wrap around her right thigh, knee and ankle, which visually raised big questions. But unlike Yuri Foreman in his bout with Miguel Cotto, Garside did not go down during the ten rounder and the right knee did not present her with any movement or pain difficulties during her win. Garside did a good job landing punches and then immediately tying Menzer up, frustrating Ina all night, whose face appeared bruised by the end of the bout. Garside fought the bout in a two-piece outfit, while Menzer competed in a one-piece.

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