Lucian Bute vs. Jesse Brinkley

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Lucian Bute 168 lbs beat Jesse Brinkley 168 lbs by KO at 2:48 in round 9 of 12


  • Coming into this fight, Bute was ranked #1 at Super Middleweight by The Ring magazine, while Brinkley was unranked by the same publication.
  • Brinkley was the mandatory challenger to Bute's IBF title, having beaten Curtis Stevens in an eliminator for the #2 ranking.
  • Brinkley down in round 5 from an uppercut to the midsection. It initially appeared that Brinkley would not beat the count, but he courageously rose at the count of nine, even taking the time to pick up his mouthpiece.
  • Immediately after deciding that Brinkley was able to continue, referee Sam Williams called a timeout in order to fix some hanging tape from Brinkley's glove. The crowd showed its discontent by booing the decision.
  • Brinkley down again in round 8, this time from an uppercut to the nose. Brinkley beat the count again, but his nose was bleeding profusely such that the referee called timeout again and asked the ringside doctor to take a look at him. This decision drew the ire of the crowd and Bute's trainer, who voiced his displeasure that his fighter had been deprived of the opportunity to follow-up on a knockdown for a second time.
  • Brinkley down for the count in round 9 from an another uppercut. This time, Brinkley indicates to the referee that he doesn't intend to resume the fight.

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