Saul Alvarez vs. Ryan Rhodes

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Jabs Alvarez Rhodes
Landed 27 50
Thrown 219 213
Percent 12% 23%
Power Punches Alvarez Rhodes
Landed 192 40
Thrown 371 130
Percent 52% 31%
Total Punches Alvarez Rhodes
Landed 219 90
Thrown 590 343
Percent 37% 26%

Saul Alvarez 153 lbs beat Ryan Rhodes 153 lbs by TKO at 0:48 in round 12 of 12


Official Fight Poster
  • Saul Alvarez 36-0-1 (26 KOs) vs. Ryan Rhodes 45-4 (31 KOs)
  • Alvarez entered as the # 9 junior middleweight in the world according to The Ring Magazine. Rhodes, a 6/1 betting underdog [1], was ranked # 4 by the same publication. [2]
  • For Rhodes, it was his first professional fight to take place outside his native United Kingdom.
  • At 152 1/2 lbs., Rhodes fought at the lightest weight of his professional career to date. Conversely, Alvarez was fighting at the heaviest weight of his professional career to date at 153 1/4 lbs.
  • Prior to the bout, a ceremonial ten count was held for the recently deceased Genaro Hernandez.
  • The chosen ring size for the bout was 18' x 18'
  • Through 10 rounds, HBO's Harold Lederman had it a shutout 100-89 in favor of Alvarez.
  • Punch Stats: Alvarez 219/590 37%; Rhodes 90/343 26%

Bout Summary

A measured opening round saw both fighters looking for countering opportunities and openings with Alvarez landing more frequently than his opponent. In Round 2, Alvarez continued to outwork Rhodes, who often switched between orthodox and southpaw stances. Alvarez fought looking for openings and threw big combinations when able. Rhodes turned up his output in Round 3 throwing straight shots behind the jab. Alvarez continued to walk down his opponent and looked to land the right hook and left hand to the body. In the 4th, action continued much as the previous. In the final minute, however, a combination, most of which missed, found Rhodes off balance and sent him to the mat. It was ruled a knockdown, although it could have been ruled a slip. Also in the round a small nick opened under the left eye of Rhodes. Alvarez continued to outwork Rhodes in the 5th and 6th, waiting for Rhodes to throw then making him pay with power combinations. By the end of the 6th round, a gash opened under the right eye Rhodes. Alvarez cruised through Rounds 7 and 8 landing nice hooks to the body that appeared to sting Rhodes. In Round 9, Rhodes threw the jab but was simply not confident enough to commit offensively. Alvarez pounded away to the body in the 10th with little retaliation from his opponent. Rhodes made an effort in the 11th and threw shots trying unsuccessfully to land a big punch. In the final round, Alvarez landed a good right hand in the opening minute that hurt Rhodes. Alvarez was warned moments later for a punch that strayed low. The end came when a flurry caused Rhodes to take a step back and cover up. As Alvarez came forward and threw power shots against a wholly defensive Rhodes, the referee waved an end to the bout. Almost simultaneously, Rhodes corner threw in the towel.


  • "The kid's a fantastic body puncher. The body shots took a toll on me. He's a superstar. He's going places." - Rhodes in the post fight interview
  • "Alvarez won every single second of every single round in a dominant performance. He simply overwhelmed Rhodes with his punching accuracy and a steady ability to break him down and take away any semblance of his offense." - ESPN's Dan Rafael [3]