James Kirkland vs. Alfredo Angulo

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Alfredo Angulo 154 lbs lost to James Kirkland 154 lbs by TKO at 1:58 in round 6 of 12

CompuBox Statistics

Entire Fight Thrown / Landed:

  • Total Punches Thrown: Angulo 74 of 326, 23%, Kirkland 206 of 545, 38%
  • Jabs: Angulo 13 of 118, 11%, Kirkland 51 of 161, 32%
  • Power Punches: Angulo 61 of 208, 29%, Kirkland 155 of 384, 40%

Final Moment

  • "Wonderful stoppage," noted HBO commentator Roy Jones Jr.. "A man's life was at stake, totally agree, Roy," noted HBO Commentator Max Kellerman. "Yes it was," replied Roy Jones Jr. At the end of the bout, after taking a beating on the ropes, Angulo's hand's were down, trying to grab the top rope with his right hand, staggering backwards and out of it, beaten and no longer able to defend himself, forcing the stoppage at 2:01 of the sixth by referee Johnny Callas. "An astonishing performance by James Kirkland, a further verification of the extraordinary relationship he has with his extremely exotic technique trainer Ann Wolfe," noted Max Kellerman. "She (Wolfe) totally changed my mind, and I realized (at the press conference) that Angulo would have much more problems (with Kirkland) than his training prepared him for when she (Wolfe) talked about how she conditioned him (Kirkland)," noted Roy Jones Jr.

Fight Summary

  • Round one, '2011 Round of The Year' highlights on YouTube: [1] (excerpt only, courtesy HBO, not the complete fight, which is not allowed)
  • The ring microphone did not work, so prefight introductions were not heard by the television audience, "causing Michael Buffer to leave the ring in disgust." Max Kellerman
  • Bout contested for the WBC Continental Americas Light Middleweight title, Angulo's second defense, billed as a WBC light middleweight semi-final eliminator
  • Kirkland reunited with original trainer Ann Wolfe for this bout, a significant key difference overlooked by many sports analysts in predicting the outcome of this bout
  • HBO Commentator Roy Jones Jr. noted "The Angulo corner prepared for this fight to be over early (a key mistake), Ann Wolfe prepared Kirkland for the long haul."
  • HBO Commentator Max Kellerman noted "On paper, Kirkland's made for Angulo, but this fight wasn't fought on paper, it was fought through hell."
  • HBO Commentator Harold Lederman condemned the 40-37 ("I could live with that"), 39-37, 39-38 open scoring of the ringside judges after 4 rounds, noting "It's incredible (they could score like that). Kirkland is winning this fight big!"
  • HBO Commentator Jim Lampley noted "Kirkland has just annihilated one of the most feared punchers in boxing. How in the hell can Golden Boy find someone to fight him now?"
  • HBO Commentator Roy Jones Jr. noted after the bout "The Mexicans will want Saul Alvarez to put up or shut and take their revenge!" through a title bout with James Kirkland.
  • HBO Sports Digital fight preview on Youtube with Bob Papa, Max Kellerman and Roy Jones Jr.: [2]
  • In an interview 8 months before the fight, a comeback-minded Kirkland wanted Angulo, noting: "I've sparred Angulo, and I know his style." [3]
  • James Kirkland, fighting at his lowest weight (153) in four years since defeating Allen Conyers, comes into Cancun as underdog and stops BoxRec's #2 World Ranked Junior Middleweight Alfredo Angulo
  • Angulo dropped Kirkland with a right hand onto his rump 30 seconds into the first round, and the fight began to look like a repeat of Kirkland's previous one round knockout loss to Nobuhiro Ishida.
  • Angulo then threw over 100 punches, and punched himself out trying to finish Kirkland, whose conditioning appeared good and who refused to go.
  • Kirkland then came back and began to score with punches, finally knocking down a weary Angulo with 17 seconds left in the first round.
  • Pacing himself, Kirkland threw accurate left hands to the head and left hooks to the body on the weary Angulo to dominate and win rounds two, three, four and five. Angulo's legs appearing spent in the fifth.
  • Kirkland worked hard to drop his opponent's defenses and cut off the ring, and finally trapped the battered and exhausted Angulo on the ropes in the sixth round, beating the defenseless Angelo senseless on the ropes until the referee stopped the bout.
  • HBO Commentator Max Kellerman stated: "No one watching will ever forget this night." The bout emerged as a classic trainer's lesson that "no fighter should punch himself out."
  • FightHype.com's round by round analysis: [4]
  • ESPN Boxing article: "Five Things We Learned from Kirkland-Angulo," by Michael Woods: [5]