Saul Alvarez vs. Kermit Cintron

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Saul Alvarez 154 lbs beat Kermit Cintron 154 lbs by TKO at 2:53 in round 5 of 12


  • Saul Alvarez 38-0-1 (28 KOs) vs. Kermit Cintron 33-4-1 (28 KOs)
  • Cintron entered having lost two out of his last three fights.
  • It was the third knockout loss for Cintron, with the previous two coming against Antonio Margarito.

Bout Summary

2011-11-26 - Saul Alvarez vs. Kermit Cintron (poster).jpg

Alvarez started slowly, as he often does, mostly feeling out Cintron in the first half of the opening round. He opened up a bit in the final minute of the round and landed a nice combination that back Cintron up. Cintron worked mostly with a jab and the majority of his punches landed on the gloves of Alvarez. Cintron sneaked in a few jabs and a decent right hand past the guard of Alvarez. Alvarez mostly feinted early in the round and, other than a couple of combinations, threw very little. Cintron continued to have some success in Round 3, if by nothing more than outworking Alvarez, who may have outlanded his opponent but threw sparingly. Alvarez turned up his output in Round 4 and had success working to the body. A pair of right hands sent Cintron down to a knee at 1:58 of Round 4. He was up at the count of nine. Alvarez came forward immediately and the two exchanged wide hooks, before Cintron went to the mat from a slip at 2:32. A pair of left hooks sent Cintron back into the ropes as the bell rang to end to the round. In the last seconds of Round 4, a cut opened on the bridge of Cintron's nose. Cintron used the ropes to get his balance before staggering over to his corner hurt and appearing to have little interest in continuing. Cintron put everything he had into his punches early in Round 5 as the two traded, but ran out of steam midway through the round and seemed to tire of getting hit. Alvarez continued to press forward and catch Cintron with right hands to the head. At 2:53 of Round 5, the referee stepped in and waved an end to the bout after a couple of punches sent Cintron back into the ropes.