Tyson Fury vs. Neven Pajkic

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2011-11-12 - Tyson Fury vs. Neven Pajkic (poster).jpg

Tyson Fury 257 lbs beat Neven Pajkic 232 lbs by TKO at 2:44 in round 3 of 12


  • Coming into this fight, Pajkic held the Canadian Heavyweight Title.
  • Fury down in round 2 from a right to the head.
  • Although Pajkic hobbled Fury again at the outset of round 3, the latter came back to knock down Pajkic twice during that round.
  • The referee stopped the fight after the last knockdown, much to the protest of Pajkic, who declared himself ready to fight on.
  • Many at ringside thought the stoppage premature.

Preceded by:
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Commonwealth Heavyweight Title Fight
# 120
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