Wilfred Benitez vs. Harold Weston (2nd meeting)

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Wilfred Benitez (left) vs. Harold Weston

Wilfred Benitez 147 lbs beat Harold Weston 147 lbs by UD in round 15 of 15


  • Benitez entered the fight with a record of 37-0-1. The sole blemish on his record was a draw with Weston two years earlier.
  • Weston was ranked fourth at welterweight by the WBC.
  • Benitez's purse was $140,000 and Weston's was $40,000.
  • The fight was televised by ABC in the United States.
  • Gregorio Benitez, Wilfred's father and trainer, told his son bluntly after the 10th round, "This fight is not going well." After the 11th round, Gregorio was still unhappy with his son's effort. He gave him instructions in a heated voice and slapped him twice.
  • Benitez came on strong in the last four rounds against the tiring Weston.
  • There were no knockdowns, but Weston suffered a swollen left eye.
  • Benitez credited his victory to his conditioning and his father urging him on before the 11th and 12th rounds.
  • Weston said Benitez "clearly won the fight."