Johnriel Casimero vs. Luis Alberto Lazarte

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John Riel Casimero 107 lbs beat Luis Alberto Lazarte 108 lbs by TKO at 1:09 in round 10 of 12


  • On the videotape replay of the bout, Lazarte got a five minute rest period after getting hit behind the head by Casimero. However, Caimero was not penalized and Lazarte apparently did not recover from Casimero's illegally thrown punch. Lazarte was down twice in the ninth (saved by the bell on his feet), and once in the tenth. Lazarte's corner clearly threw towels into the ring stopped the bout BEFORE Claudio waved a halt to the bout, not seeing the towels thrown behind him.
  • The bout was stopped by neutral American referee Eddie Claudio, with Lazarte dropped twice in the ninth, once in the tenth and taking a pummeling against the ropes.
  • Casimero wins the full IBF Light Flyweight title in his next bout.


  • According to Claudio, "Lazarte was 40 years old, the younger Filipino was in his 20's, an elusive boxer puncher who was very quick with his hands, and he won by TKO. No doubt." Claudio also noted "As I was stopping the bout, Lazarte's corner also threw in the towel. If I had not stopped the bout, Lazarte's corner would have stopped it for me."
  • Claudio remembered "The Filipino came onto the neutral ropes and waved his hands up in victory celebration, pounding his chest. Some people at ringside outside the apron were having words with the Casimero camp, and then next thing you know I saw people coming through the ropes I didn't know and at that point, lawn chairs people were using to sit came flying into the ring, with debris, cups, beer cans, all that started raining into the ring, while unknown people were entering the ring as well. One chair hit me under my nose and sliced me up a bit. I didn't notice this until I was trying to exit the ring. Groups were trying to ride the Filipino kid and pummel him and his handlers, chasing them all over the ring. I was trying to grab the Filipino but he was being surrounded. At the same time oe of the Argentina security guards tried to drag me to safety by hauling me towards a corner so we could get out of here. The Filipino was running around like a bee in a hive. We got pinned in a corner. I thought I might have to defend myself, but nobody touched me. They were only after the Filipino and his handlers."

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