Tomasz Adamek vs. Nagy Aguilera

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Tomasz Adamek 222 lbs beat Nagy Aguilera 226 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

Tomas Adamek versus Nagy Aguilera

On the televised undercard portion of the NBC Sports Network card from Aviator arena in Brooklyn, heavyweight contender Tomasz Adamek decisively won every round of a ten rounder against challenger Nagy Aguilera, but it was not easy. Aguilera landed a number of significant power counter shots. Adamek, in his comeback fight after losing his title bout in Poland to Dr. Vitali Klitschko in 2011, scored frequently in flurries to head and body, and backed Aguilera up throughout. Aguilera's strategy came from training seriously for this ten round bout, hoping the Adamek camp had only trained for a quick couple rounds tuneup, and might be caught totally unprepared for a long bout. Adamek caught Aguilera several times in the early rounds with power shot combinations to the head, and seemed on the edge of putting Aguilera away, but Aguilera hung on to drag the bout into deep waters. However, Adamek, still one of the finest technical fighters in the world, simply outboxed and outclassed Aguilera for the duration of the bout, and turned Aguilera's face red by jabbing it to smithereens. Aguilera contiued to landed some good counter power shots on Adamek once on a while in every round to the very end, forcing Adamek to still fight a somewhat cautious bout despite winning rounds. One judge gave Aguilera one round, as he did a bit better in the last three rounds. Despite the scoring, perhaps Aguilera's best performance as he proved capable of going the distance against Adamek when most boxing experts predicted the bout would not go past three rounds. Aguilera remained dangerously capable of scoring the knockout till the final bell, and although he didn't find the opportunity, he hung tough in search of his only chance.