Mike Tyson vs. Lorenzo Canady

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Mike Tyson 213 lbs beat Lorenzo Canady 204 lbs by KO at 1:05 in round 1 of 6

  • Date: 1985-08-15
  • Location: Resorts International, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
  • Referee: Joe Cortez


  • Mike Tyson 6-0 (6 KOs) vs. Lorenzo Canady 3-0 (1 KO)
  • Fight was on the undercard of Juan Ramon Santana vs. Bruce Williams.
  • It was Tyson's third fight in just over a month.
  • Tyson's weight was announced as 214.5 lbs.

Bout Summary

Tyson's first punch, a solid overhand right, caught Canady just four seconds into the fight. A left hook at ten seconds sent Canady falling back and tangled in the ropes. It was correctly ruled that the ropes kept him from going down and he received a mandatory eight-count. Tyson backed an already wobbled Canady into a corner and landed a right that snapped back his head. A continued barrage led the referee to step in and wave an end to the fight as Canady was headed down for the second time.


"You don't have to throw a lot of punches, but every punch you throw make sure to hurt them. Hit them in the right spot where he's vulnerable at and that's what I was trying, to place the punch. With every punch hit him so he'll be hurt at all times. As you know, I'm 19 and I'm just improving. That's not all I'm doing. There's a lot of other things I can do very well and as time comes and I'm learning and at the learning stage I am now, thing's will go more and more as I like it be. I'm good enough to fight some top fighters right now, but until my managers Jimmy Jacobs and Bill Cayton and Cus D'Amato decide I should fight one of them, then I'll be happy to go along and fight anybody. At the moment I have to go I'm not a freelance agent and say, "Well, I want to fight him." I gotta go by the rules and you know how the business is. You have a boss too." - Mike Tyson is the post-fight interview with Al Bernstein.