Austin Trout vs. Miguel Cotto

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CompuBox Punchstats
Total Punches Trout Cotto
Landed 238 183
Thrown 779 628
Pct. 31% 29%
Jabs Trout Cotto
Landed 46 29
Thrown 349 175
Pct. 13% 17%
Power Punches Trout Cotto
Landed 192 154
Thrown 430 453
Pct. 45% 34%

Austin Trout 154 lbs beat Miguel Cotto 154 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


Austin Trout vs. Miguel Cotto (poster).jpg
  • Trout complained after this bout he had to push Cotto back because Cotto would not allow him to box, but captured a lot of close rounds on the scorecards to retain his WBA title. Southpaw Trout unmarked, Cotto's eyes a bit swollen.
  • Many of the rounds appeared very close, and the bout was actually much closer than the scoring indicated. The Pro-Cotto audience was quieter than expected, as Trout more than held his own and was winning rounds, managing to stay ahead.
  • Clean bout refereed by Charlie Fitch, who warned Trout for holding Cotto behind the head on occasion, but no points were deducted. Fitch did a fine job controlling the action, preventing holding, and clinches were rare.
  • Cotto did best when Trout got caught along the ropes, but Trout slipped punches well and would not stay there, and kept moving while landing more power punches than Cotto.
  • Trout called Cotto a true gentleman after the bout, and offered him a rematch if he wanted it. Second decision loss in a row for Cotto, after Floyd Mayweather, who now had a possible future opponent in Trout.
  • Showtime commentator Al Bernstein noted "A year of upsets and surprises. Trout has overturned the apple cart. Cotto had anticipated fighting Canelo Alvarez, but Austin Trout has beaten Cotto instead and now he wants Alvarez."
  • Cotto stated after the bout he would box again "Probably. Everyone here knows who really won this bout" implying he had won, but his body language in the ring after the bout indicated otherwise.
  • Trout called out WBC champion Saul Alvarez at ringside after the victory. "Yo quiero Canelo!" and stated "I want to unify the division and be the best. I want his (Alvarez) WBC belt."
  • Showtime commentator Steve Farhood had Trout winning by six rounds, while Showtime commentator Paul Malignaggi had the bout even, but noted "I had no problems with the scoring, but 119-109? That judge shouldn't be allowed (to judge) again."
  • Unofficial scorecards: Al Bernstein - 115-113 (Trout), Steve Farhood - 117-111 (Trout), Paul Malignaggi - 114-114.