Jack Dempsey vs. Willie Meehan (3rd meeting)

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Jack Dempsey drew with Willie Meehan by PTS in round 4 of 4

  • Date: 1917-08-10
  • Location: Dreamland Rink, San Francisco, California, USA
  • Referee: Billy Snailham

Dempsey Has Meehan Almost Out But Gets Only a Draw

Willie Meehan got a draw with Jack Dempsey at Dreamland last night, but Willie and Billy Snailham, the referee, were about the only people who saw it that way. For Dempsey hit all the punches of the bout that did any damage. Meehan's whirling slaps made a lot of noise and made him look as though he were doing something, but that is about as close as he came to doing anything in the way of holding his own with Dempsey.

Meehan resorted to his old time clown tactics but they did not buy him anything. About all they did was to keep the minds of the spectators off Meehan's fat stomach. About ten seconds before the final gong, Dempsey brought home a right upper cut that came close to finishing Meehan and the gong was about all that saved him from dropping before the limit.

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