Dick Tiger vs. Gene Fullmer (2nd meeting)

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Tiger lands a right uppercut against Fullmer

Gene Fullmer 160 lbs drew with Dick Tiger 160 lbs by SD in round 15 of 15

"Dick Tiger and Gene Fullmer went 15 blood-drenched rounds last night as Tiger retained his world middleweight championship. Fullmer turned fancy Dan and, darting in and out to land a single blow at a time, piled up an early lead. But Tiger finally caught up in the final two rounds to earn the draw. The blood started flowing early in this one, and in the 3rd round, Fullmer was bleeding from his left eye. By the middle of the fight, the crimson flowed from his head, nose and ear. Tiger bled profusely from a cut near his left eye. They exchanged blows to the head and body up through the 13th, with neither man seriously hurt. Then Tiger came on strong. He rushed in with wild swings that caught the tiring Fullmer and thereby saved his crown." - United Press International

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Tiger vs. Fullmer I
WBA Middleweight Title Fight
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Tiger vs. Fullmer III