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Kid Gavilan 145 lbs beat Ike Williams 140 lbs by MD in round 10 of 10

"Gavilan won by going into a bobbing, weaving crouch with his head kept safely on the lightweight champion's wishbone or floating provocatively in the neighborhood of his belt buckle. Williams can tear the skull off a standup target. He is one of the crispest punchers in the business today. But Friday evening he found himself against a style definitely not to his liking. Occasionally he thumped a few rights to the left kidney, and once or twice he chopped down ineffectually on Gavilan’s vertebrae, which were parallel with the canvas most of the night. Whenever Williams did miss a right, his body swung around, and it was immediately vulnerable for the thumping left hook Gavilan obligingly socked into it. Gavilan occasionally shot up a broomstick left jab that mussed Williams' features, cut his eye, and proved to be an irritating point-scorer. Gavilan also banged his man with surprising frequency on the tip of the chin. ...Gavilan certainly was aggressive. He waded in continually, never broke ground, and really tedd[sic] off on the champ. He showed absolutely no fear." -Jimmy Powers, Daily News Attendance: 15,125; Gate: $57,195