Brunet Zamora vs. Gyorgy Mizsei Jr

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Brunet Zamora lost to Gyorgy Mizsei Jr by SD in round 12 of 12

  • Aging and fading Cuban-Italian lightweight Brunet Zamora, 39, still fighting without having received a world title shot at 25-1-2, loses his European EBU Lightweight title on Italian home turf to 18-9 Hungarian journeyman Gyorgey Mizsei Jr. in a 12 round split decision upset.
  • Youth and activity helped the 20 year old Mizsei, who fought 27 times in 24 months, to six times in 24 months for Zamora, 19 years older.
  • Scoring appeared neutral. The international judges came from Spain, Poland, and Belgium. The referee came from the United Kingdom.
  • The three differing dissimilar scorecards warrant a 12 round EBU lightweight title rematch later in 2014 between Zamora and Mizsei.