Mike Tyson vs. Jesse Ferguson

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Mike Tyson 217 lbs beat Jesse Ferguson 212 lbs by TKO at 1:19 in round 6 of 10

  • Aired On: ABC's Wide World of Sports
  • Promoter: HBA East


  • Mike Tyson 17-0 (17 KOs) vs. Jesse Ferguson 14-1 (10 KOs)
  • It was the first fight for Tyson to go beyond five rounds.
  • Tyson made his first appearance on the cover of The Ring Magazine in February 1986.
  • Ferguson earned $45,000. [1]
  • The ring size was 16 feet and the gloves were eight ounces.
  • Ticket prices for the event ranged from $15-$40.
  • Originally deemed a disqualification, the result was changed to a TKO by the commission.

Bout Summary

Tyson connected with thudding hooks to the body and snapped back Ferguson's head with a couple uppercuts. Ferguson fought much of the first half of the opening round with his back against the ropes. He looked to block Tyson's punches and occasionally fired and landed with a few punches of his own in the final minute. Tyson continued to punish Ferguson to the body in Round 2. Much of Round 3 was in-fighting with Tyson outworking his Ferguson, who remained backed against the ropes. Ferguson did, however, land a nice flurry midway through the Round 3 that snapped back the head of Tyson. Ferguson grabbed onto both of Tyson's arms early in Round 4 and complained he was being hit low.


Ferguson was warned in the round for leading with his head and for holding Tyson behind the head. Ferguson threw a couple of punches after the bell to end Round 4, to which Tyson retaliated with a couple of his own. The two had to be separated and Ferguson was taken to his corner by his trainer. Ferguson pumped out a jab early in Round 5 and tried to stay close enough to smother some of Tyson's power. Tyson again found success stepping back or to the side and banging away to the body. A combination right hook to the body, right uppercut at 2:14 of Round 5 that broke Ferguson's nose and sent him down heavily and flat on his back. He got to his feet just after the count of eight. Tyson battered Ferguson for the remainder of the round as the referee looked on closely. Ferguson came out jabbing in Round 6, before Tyson pressed him into the ropes and landed well with power shots to the head. Ferguson began holding and refusing to separate. He was subsequently warned at 1:03 for doing so. Just a few seconds later, Ferguson locked on to both of Tyson gloves and again would not allow the referee to break. At that, the referee waved an arm above his head and disqualified Ferguson for clinching and refusing to break when ordered.


Official Fight Poster
  • "I never get frustrated, because I know we have a ten-round limit and the crop of heavyweights nowadays have a little difficulty going the full ten rounds. The way they have it planned in their mind to beat me is to jab, pot shot, and grab me, but it's ten rounds and eventually I'm going to catch them." - Mike Tyson in the post-fight interview with Jim Lampley
  • "I can't change any opinions. I just have to continue fighting and they will have to change their opinions on theirselves. After seeing this performance, perhaps they still have doubts, but eventually after I go successfully defeating all the contenders and perhaps the champion in the nearby future, then I will have to quiet all doubts, but then still we'll have a little doubters then." - Tyson when asked by Alex Wallau about those who question his chin and stamina.