Bernard Hopkins vs. Beibut Shumenov

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CompuBox Punchstats
Total Punches Hopkins Shumenov
Landed 186 124
Thrown 383 608
Pct. 49% 20%
Jabs Hopkins Shumenov
Landed 93 57
Thrown 201 276
Pct. 46% 21%
Power Punches Hopkins Shumenov
Landed 93 67
Thrown 182 332
Pct. 51% 20%

Bernard Hopkins 172 lbs beat Beibut Shumenov 175 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12


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Hopkins-drops-Shumenov Carr.jpg
  • Bernard Hopkins 54-6-2 (32 KOs) vs. Beibut Shumenov 14-1 (9 KOs)
  • Hopkins was the betting favorite. He was listed at -200, and Shumenov was listed at +160. [1]
  • Entering the bout, The Ring Magazine ranked Hopkins as the #1 light heavyweight contender to Adonis Stevenson, The Ring Magazine light heavyweight champion. The publication ranked Shumenov as the #4 light heavyweight contender.
  • There was a crowd of 6,823 at the DC Armory.
  • ESPN's Dan Rafael and The Ring's Lem Satterfield each scored the fight 118-109 for Hopkins.
  • Dan Rafael wrote that Gustavo Padilla's scorecard of 114-113 in favor of Shumenov "will go down among the worst in modern boxing history."
  • At the age of 49, Hopkins became the oldest boxer ever to unify two major titles.
  • Hopkins landed 186 of his 383 punches for a 49 percent connect rate, and Shumenov landed just 124 of 608 blows (20 percent). On power shots, Hopkins landed 93 of 182 (51 percent) to Shumenov's 67 of 332 (20 percent). [2]
  • Hopkins did not capture the IBA title with this win as he did not pay the sanctioning fee.


Hopkins-Shumenov began extremely slowly with neither fighter doing much in the first two rounds, although Shumenov appeared to have a slight edge. But Hopkins, a notoriously slow starter, began to pick things up and had a strong third round, landing a hard overhand right that got the crowd to begin chanting "BHop! BHop!"

Hopkins continued to find a home for his right hand in the fourth round and although fighting at a measured pace, landed some hard jabs and also cracked Shumenov with a clean right hand to the jaw in the fifth round.

Shumenov, often a volume puncher, was nothing like that, giving Hopkins too much respect. He was throwing one punch at a time and was wide open for Hopkins' left-right combination. In the seventh round, Hopkins stepped hard into a series of punishing jabs that rocked Shumenov.

Hopkins continued to pound Shumenov with counter right hands and then hurt him badly in the 11th round.

Hopkins, who hasn't had a knockout since stopping Oscar De La Hoya with a body shot in the ninth round of a middleweight unification fight in 2004 and hadn't had a knockdown since dropping Joe Calzaghe in the first round of a light heavyweight title fight in 2008, feinted with a jab and followed with a powerful overhand right that nailed Shumenov on the side of the head and dropped him with less than two minutes left in the round.

"I wanted to be patient and not overshoot the runway and get overexcited but I knew he was hurt," Hopkins said. "He went down to one knee and bought some time. Then he started grabbing me and the bell rang.

"But [trainer] Naazim [Richardson] was begging me to throw that six-inch right hand over the jab. I didn't get it off earlier. It was there the whole fight. But he has an awkward style. I've been around 26 years, seen everything and I made the adjustments.

"I was having fun. I wanted to show that I can stand in the pocket. I got hit with some good shots but I never wavered. I tried to stop him. He's tough but I was going for it."

After the knockdown, the crowd erupted into chants of "BHop! BHop!" again and he continued go after Shumenov. Although clearly ahead in the 12th round, Hopkins was still on the attack in the last round and the crowd cheered his every move. [3]

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