Harry Greb vs. Tommy Loughran (4th meeting)

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Harry Greb lost to Tommy Loughran by PTS in round 10 of 10

The Pittsburgh Post said that it was a close fight. Loughran won the first two rounds, waging a body attack. Greb dominated the next five rounds. Loughran won the last three rounds. Loughran landed the cleaner blows. It was a good fight.

However, the Boston Globe said that the majority thought that Greb won handily although Loughran got the decision, but he was guilty of rough tactics and Tommy landed the clearner blows.

The Boston Herald felt that Loughran registered the cleaner blows in every round, while noting that it was a rough bout. The Boston Herald felt that Loughran won the last two rounds by a wide margin.

"Tommy Loughran of Philadelphia defeated Harry Greb, world's middleweight champion in a 10 round bout in Mechanics Hall last night. The fight was rough, Greb being the offender throughout. the titleholders tactics met with disapproval from the start but he disregarded the hoots and booing of the crowd and stopped only when cautioned by referee Johnny Brassil, who was as busy trying to make him fight cleanly as Greb was trying to batter Loughran all over the ring. Loughran's skillful fighting stood out over Greb's milling. Loughran registered the cleaner blows in every round and more than once forced Greb to back away from a heavy bombardment to the body." -Fitchburg Daily Sentinel

  • In the 5th round Greb was cautioned for holding with his right while pounding Loughran's face with his left.
  • The Bridgeport Telegram stated that, "According to ringside opinion, Loughran carried 5 rounds, Greb 4 rounds, while 1 round was even."