Amir Khan vs. Luis Collazo

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Amir Khan 147 lbs beat Luis Collazo 147 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

  • WBC Silver Welterweight Title (Vacant title)
  • WBA International Welterweight Title (2nd defense of Collazo)


  • 12 round preliminary bout to the Floyd Mayweather versus Marcos Maidana World Welterweight title main event.
  • Collazo down for flash knockdown in round 4, hit on the chin turned sideways out of position in front of Khan during a close exchange.
  • Collazo went down twice in round 10, once for a nine count, after getting caught by Khan with a body shot, then going down again.
  • Khan and Collazo both incurred point deductions in round 8. Collazo hit Khan with a low blow while Khan was holding his head down.
  • Khan had a point deducted in round 8 for repeatedly holding Collazo behind the head all night, like Muhammad Ali did vs. George Foreman.
  • Collazo's failed approach resulted in a mismatch on the scorecards. Collazo fought with his hands down most of the night, unafraid of Khan, believing Khan had no power and he would eventually knock him out. Collazo was headhunting for a place to land his powerful right hook. Khan fought a brilliant technical bout, moving sideways and working his jab out of range, while using his considerable reach advantage to perfection. Collazo did land a few haymakers here and there, but Khan took them well. Khan kept moving, holding when necessary, and never let Collazo land any effective power shots to the head. Collazo never cut off the ring, eventually got cut, and by round 10 Collazo appeared completely demoralized and ready to give up. By holding Collazo behind the neck and head all night, and getting away with it, Khan broke a tired Collazo down.
  • In the post fight interview in the ring after the bout, Khan credited his 12 months of boxing training with Virgil Hunter for his success.
  • Khan had reach advantage and used it successfully. Collazo spent entire bout headhunting for Khan's jaw but never landed 'the big one'.
  • Khan's holding / leaning behind head was a dirty tactic, but he jabbed to a shot at Floyd Mayweather Jr. as Collazo showed little offense.
  • Purses: Khan $1.5M, Collazo 350k

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