Emile Griffith vs. Denny Moyer (1st meeting)

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Emile Griffith 150 lbs beat Denny Moyer 150 lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

Moyer was slow to start in the bout, but scored well fighting inside to the head with short rights and lefts. Griffith fought effectively to the head as well, boxing better from the outside. Neither boxer did significant bodywork during the bout. In the later rounds the pace of the fight picked up, as Griffith threw more punches than Moyer, who threw less frequently, but appeared more accurate.

Moyer was cut over the right eye in the 8th round.

Attendance: 3,500
Gate: $7,000 (est.)
Odds: Griffith 9-to-5 favorite

Source: New York Times

  • Unofficial UPI scorecard - 6-4 Griffith
  • Unofficial AP scorecard - 5-5 Draw
  • Unofficial ringside poll of 14 sportswriters saw 6 writers scoring for Griffith, 5 scoring for Moyer and 3 scoring it a draw.