Emile Griffith vs. Denny Moyer (2nd meeting)

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Emile Griffith 151 lbs lost to Denny Moyer 151 lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

"Denny Moyer, more aggressive than usual, Tuesday night eked out a split decision over Emile Griffith in 10 rounds. Moyer went after Griffith with both hands in the final rounds. Few fans, even in Portland, had seen Moyer jab and counter-punch the way he did in this fight with Griffith. Griffith displayed power to punish, but seemed unable to bring it down on Moyer. Although the fists flew, neither boxer seemed able to inflict any damage on the other." -Associated Press

  • Unofficial AP scorecard - 97-96 Moyer
  • Attendance - 4,115
  • Gate - $17,200