Emile Griffith vs. Manuel Gonzalez (2nd meeting)

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Gonzalez (right) with Emile Griffith: 6 Dec 1965

Emile Griffith 146 lbs beat Manuel Gonzalez 146 lbs by UD in round 15 of 15

"Welterweight king Emile Griffith pounded out a lopsided decision over Manny Gonzalez in MSG last night. The verbal punches thrown in the dressing room packed greater sting than those tossed in the ring during the dreary 15 round bout. Griffith chased his opponent through all 15 rounds but was tied up when he managed to get inside and didn't take a punch that hurt all night. Griffith said he deliberately roughed up Gonzalez, taunted him and even slapped him after the 5th round in an effort to anger the challenger into mixing it up." -United Press International

Unofficial scorecard

  • AP - 15-0 Griffith

Post fight comments

  • "Manny didn't lose. He gave the champion a boxing lesson but they don't appreciate the art of self-defense in this town. If Griffith is a champion, I'm a watchmaker." -Bill Gore, Gonzalez' trainer
  • "That thing was the worst fight I was ever in. He came all the way from Texas to get my title and then he wouldn't fight for it. The kid could be a good fighter if that manager would let him fight instead of trying to make him a Willie Pep. I tried everything to make him fight. But that guy is the hardest guy to hit I've ever seen." -Emile Griffith

  • Purses (app. with TV and Radio monies): Griffith - $45,000, Gonzalez - $15,000
  • Attendance: 12,146
  • Gate: $72,502
  • The Garden hosted the official retirement of Sugar Ray Robinson during this card. With Robinson togged out in ring attire, the Garden brought in Randy Turpin, Bobo Olson, Gene Fullmer and Carmen Basilio - also togged out - who stood in the 4 corners as Robinson officially announced his farewell.