James J. Jeffries vs. Joe Choynski

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James J Jeffries 219 lbs drew with Joe Choynski 167 lbs by PTS in round 20 of 20

  • Date: 1897-11-30
  • Location: National A.C., San Francisco, California, USA
  • Referee: Jim McDonald

Jeffries, who was rushed along quite quickly, took on the experienced ring genius in Joe Choynski. Granted, Choynski was giving up almost fifty pounds in weight, but Choyinski used his quicker feet and wiser mind to his advantage as he stayed away from Jeffries's power and was able to score on his own. Although Jeff claims he dropped Choynski with a left hook to the neck, he also claims that Joe scored once with a right that knocked his lower lip between his front two teeth, an injury which required a lip incision to relieve Jeff of the pain. Jeffries states that was the hardest punch he's ever taken. Some disagreed with the decision, believing that Jeffries did enough forcing to earn the nod, but Joe was so impressive in the science he displayed in the ring that the referee gave him part of the honors in ruling the affair a draw.

Source: My Life & Battles by James J. Jeffries

Fight report from the San Francisco Call: [1]