Eder Jofre vs. Jose Legra

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Eder Jofre vs. Jose Legra.jpg

Eder Jofre 125 lbs beat Jose Legra 125 lbs by MD in round 15 of 15



"Former world bantamweight champion Eder Jofre amazed the experts by winning the WBC featherweight title from Jose Legra via a 15 round majority decision in Brasilia, Brazil. Jofre, 37 years old, punished Legra with body blows, but went down near the end of the 3rd round and suffered cuts around both his eyes. Legra, 30, tried to press the advantage of the 3rd round knockdown in the 4th round by taking after Jofre, but Eder fought him to a standoff. Jofre became the aggressor and remained that way, but the major difference through the later rounds was that Legra's punches lacked steam. Legra also lost points for fouls." -World Boxing, September 1973 issue

  • Jose Lobato, Legra's manager, claimed they were robbed, stating that he was forcibly prevented from seeing the judges scorecards


  • Referee Jay Edson - 146-141 Jofre
  • Judge Newton Campos - 148-143 Jofre
  • Judge Lorenzo Sanchez - 143-143 Draw