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Jabs Hopkins Kovalev
Landed 25 45
Thrown 84 244
Percent 30% 18%
Power Punches Hopkins Kovalev
Landed 40 121
Thrown 111 341
Percent 36% 35%
Total Punches Hopkins Kovalev
Landed 65 166
Thrown 195 585
Percent 33% 28%

Sergey Kovalev 175 lbs beat Bernard Hopkins 174 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

  • Hopkins was down in the first from a short punch to the head, while his head was briefly turned to the right away from Kovalev. After that, the best Hopkins could muster was pushing Kovalev to the canvas and then raising his hands, ruled no knockdown. Kovalev won every round on the volume of punches thrown and landed even though Hopkins had the edge of punches thrown by percentage. Hopkins appeared to be in great physical condition. Kovalev appeared not to take any chances until round 12, when he battered Hopkins around a bit. Quality televised show by HBO. Scoring unofficially during the telecast, HBO commentator Harold Lederman gave Kovalev every round. Kovalev had a small mouse under his left eye on bout's conclusion.
  • B-Hop succeeded in taking Kovalev into deep waters past round eight for the first time in Kovalev's career. Hopkins legs were still good, and though Kovalev repeatedly tried to cut off the ring on Bernard, Kovalev was not able to get a knockout.
  • Holding was minimal during all 12 rounds. However, Kovalev was warned several times for hitting Hopkins behind the head by referee David Fields.
  • Round-by-round punch stats [1]