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Vasily Lepikhin 175 lbs beat Jackson Junior 175 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

  • Lepikhin remained unbeaten. Announced as a fight between two unbeatens. Technically, it was. Junior entered with ring with a record of 15-0 with 1 No Contest. His 3/29/13 TKO-4 loss to Umberto Savigne had been changed to a No Contest because Savigne had failed his post fight drug test.
  • In a close competitive bout due to the way the bout was fought, Lepikhin was able to decision Junior. Despite having height and reach advantage, Lepikhin opted for an inside war which favored the shorter Junior, who hit Lepikhin with a number of overhand counter power shots in the early rounds. As the bout progressed, however, Lepikhin outworked Junior, who went the distance but went on the defensive as he tired down thew stretch. If Lepikhin had worked the bout from the outside, it may have been over quickly. As Lepikhin took the bout to the inside and fought it out with Junior in a telephone booth, Junior was able to remain in the bout and had many opportunities to land punches but failed to capitalize on most openings after the fourth round and as such lost the bout on points.