Holly Mims vs. Milo Savage (1st meeting)

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Holly Mims 157 lbs beat Milo Savage 160 lbs by MD in round 10 of 10

"Remember the old sucker trick, "Look out, bud, your shoestring is untied"? Milo Savage pulled it on Holly Mims last night. Despite the trick, Savage lost the fight on an unpopular decision. In the 3rd round Savage mumbled to Referee Ray Miller, "Hey, ref, his shoelaces are open." When Mims obligingly looked down, whambo. The right hand punch was a little high or Mims, No. 3 middleweight contender, might have been flattened. The "shoestring gag" was the high spot of the action at St. Nicholas Arena." -Associated Press

  • Unofficial AP scorecard - 6-4 Savage

Post fight comment

  • "Boy, I sure fell for that sucker punch. It never happened to me before. I looked. He swung. As he let it go, I saw it coming and pulled away. It landed a little high. If it had hit me flush, I guess I would have been a goner." -Holly Mims