Saul Alvarez vs. James Kirkland

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Saul Alvarez 155 lbs beat James Kirkland 155 lbs by KO at 2:19 in round 3 of 12

  • Non-title junior middleweight bout. Kirkland without longtime trainer Ann Wolfe for this bout.
  • Kirkland down in first and third rounds, got up. Alvarez knocked out Kirkland with a counter right hand feint which started low but went high instead, knocking out Kirkland, who had missed with a wild left hook and left his guard exposed and unprotected. The bout featured many punches thrown. Alvarez mixed his punches smartly, including going to body before the head, and throwing right uppercuts under the Kirkland left jabs. In the second round, Kirkland battled Alvarez on the ropes, with Alvarez holding his guard up. In the end, Kirkland got caught standing in front of Alvarez on the ropes with his guard down, despite the urging of his corner to move and not to stand square in front of Alvarez as he did against Nobuhiro Ishida. After the bout, Alvarez expressed an interest in fighting Gennady Golovkin or Miguel Cotto next.

CompuBox Statistics

  • Saul Alvarez, landed 87 of 150 punches, 58%, landed 79 of 132 power punches, 60%
  • James Kirkland, landed 42 of 197 punches, 21%, landed 41 of 177 power punches, 23%