Tommy Loughran vs. Gene Tunney

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Tommy Loughran 163 lbs drew with Gene Tunney 173 lbs by NWS in round 8 of 8

  • Date: 1922-08-24
  • Location: Shibe Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Referee: William H Rocap

From Tunney: Boxing's Brainiest Champ and His Upset of the Great Jack Dempsey By Jack Cavanaugh:

At the outset, it appeared that the Philadelphia wunderkind's handsome profile might be sullied in quick time, and that, indeed, he might not make it past the first round. As Loughran moved in on Tunney early in the round, snapping his patented left jab at him in staccato-like fashion, Tunney suddenly unleashed a straight right cross that caught Loughran on the left side of his jaw, sending the Philadelphia teenager toppling to the floor. Dazed and obviously hurt, Loughran barely made it up at the count of nine and, seemingly feeding of the frenzied crowd, managed to elude Tunney for the remainder of the round.

Thereafter in the eight-round bout, Tunney never landed a punch to match the one that floored Loughhran, although he did cause Loughran's knees to wobble several times with jarring blows. But the elusive Loughran avoided far more punches than Tunney landed, while scoring often with his left jab and occasional right-hand punches to the head.

Not many boxers could outbox Tunney at this stage of his career, but Loughran was one of them. Aware of that, Tunney tried to knock out Loughran, but never came close after the first round, and the fight appeared to have been even by the end. The majority of sportswriters at ringside—most of them from Philadelphia-area newspapers—gave their verdicts to Loughrsn.

"Tommy Outclasses Gene in Sensational Bout After Weathering a Storm in First Round," read the somewhat misleading sub-headline in the following day's Philadelphia Inquirer. As it was, it went into the record books as a no-decision fight. Tunney himself knew it had been close, but felt that he had won the bout, as did virtually all the New York sportswriters who were present.


  • There was a crowd of about 22,000.
  • The New York Times reported: "Gene Tunney of New York, weighing 173 pounds, was entitled to the verdict over Tommy Loughran of this city, 163, at the end of the eighth round in the Phillies' ball park here tonight, but his margin of superiority was not large."
  • The Norwalk Hour reported: "Tunney was entitled to the verdict because his blows carried more steam. Loughran gave a beautiful exhibition of blocking, but when Tunney's blows landed they carried a sting."
  • The August 1987 issue of The Ring stated that Tunney lost this fight and listed his record as 65-2-1.
  • The Boxing Register: International Boxing Hall of Fame Official Record Book listed this as a no-decision win for Tunney.

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