Joe Louis vs. Adolph Wiater

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Joe Louis 189 lbs beat Adolph Wiater 185 lbs by PTS in round 10 of 10

  • Date: 1934-09-26
  • Location: Arcadia Gardens, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Bob Soderman of the Chicago Tribune reported: "Wiater was floored for no-count in round one and took a beating when he arose. He revived during the minute's rest and came back to even up the fight by the end of the seventh round. Louis landed the more punishing blows in the last three rounds to win."

    The paper also reported this to be a very close fight, which could easily have been a draw.

    Monte Cox of Cox's Corner wrote: "Joe dropped Wiater in the first with a solid right hand but Wiater was up without a count. Wiater came back on the offensive in the next rounds. A hard right hand stunned Louis in the fourth. Louis was wobbly when he returned to his corner. But Louis recovered between rounds and came on strong to win the fight."

    Louis' trainer, Jack Blackburn, later said of this fight, "When Joe pulled through those ten rounds, I knew that I was handling a great fighter."