Mike Tyson vs. Lorenzo Boyd

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Mike Tyson 220 lbs beat Lorenzo Boyd 198 lbs by KO at 1:43 in round 2 of 10

  • Date: 1986-07-11
  • Location: Stevensville Hotel, Swan Lake, New York, USA
  • Referee: Sid Rubenstein
  • Ring Announcer: Paul Lafleur
  • Attendance: 2,000

Mike Tyson broke Lorenzo Boyd's nose in the first round and then scored a knockout at 1:43 in the second round. Tyson battered Boyd with right hooks to the body from the opening bell and never allowed Boyd to mount an attack. Tyson closed the night with a thudding right hook to the body capped with a clean right uppercut under the chin that sent Boyd down, flat on his back. The referee reached the count of eight before calling end to the bout with Boyd still down.


  • Mike Tyson 23-0 (21 KOs) vs. Lorenzo Boyd (announced as 16-5 (9 KOs).
  • Tyson entered ranked as the # 2 heavyweight contender by the WBC.
  • At 198.25 pounds, Boyd was 21 pounds lighter than Tyson.
  • Boyd suffered a broken nose in the opening round (said to be with the first punch), and Tyson re-aggravated a previous injury to his left hand.
  • The fight was widely regarded as a tuneup for Tyson's July 26 bout against Marvis Frazier.


Official Program
  • "I just intend on taking the fight to the guy. I don't think anyone's done that. I just plan on going in there... and getting right in his game with him. My stablemate Quick Tillis kind of broke that ice on his mystique. Everyone in the country was very intimidated by him and Tillis let everybody know this guy's vulnerable and makes lots of mistakes. TI prepared Tillis for his fight and he also helped me in return. I'm ready for the guy and I've also examined the things Mister Tyson does, the flaws and I know what I'm going to do for him when he makes those mistake. I can hurt him and I'm gonna hurt him Friday." - Lorenzo Boyd in the pre-fight interview.
  • "He's stronger than I thought he was. He caught me real good in the rib cage down here on the left side and I became fearful then because I had to tell myself not to bring my hand down to protect it. He hit it again, I brought my elbow down. I fought Terry Anderson and they considered him a big banger, but he doesn't punch anything like Mike. He'll go all the way." - Boyd in the post-fight interview.
  • "I was looking for an early knockout, but I saw he went by in the first round so I decided I'm just going to pick with my jab and look for a opening because I hurt my left hand early in the first round. At first I thought because he charged out a little with a slugger's stance like he's just ready to wing, but I was precarious about it and just kept putting the jab in his face and looking for him to move forward." Mike Tyson in the post-fight interview


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