Saul Alvarez vs. Amir Khan

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Saul Alvarez beat Amir Khan by KO at 2:37 in round 6 of 12


  • The bout was fought at a contracted catch weight of 155 pounds by both combatants, who weighed in at 155 pounds each exactly.
  • Alvarez retained the World Boxing Council World Middleweight title in round six, knocking out challenger Khan with an overhand straight power right hand to the jaw which sent Khan down to the canvas on his back, down and out.
  • This was the first fight ever where both fighters received the so-called "WBC BOX-VAL World Champion belt" in addition to what was on the line.
  • The fight generated around 600,000 pay-per-view buys. [1]
  • The fight generated revenue of $27,707,448. Khan made $6 million and Alvarez made $13,309,664 (80% of the net profits) while Golden Boy Promotions made net profits of $3,327,415.88. [2]