Ruben Olivares vs. Chucho Castillo (2nd meeting)

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Ruben Olivares 118 lbs lost to Chucho Castillo 118 lbs by TKO at 2:37 in round 14 of 15

"Chucho Castillo capitalized on his willingness to throw punches and an eye cut suffered by champion Ruben Olivares to lift the bantamweight crown in a hard-fought bout Friday night at the Forum. Olivares suffered the cut in the 1st round, possibly as the result of an accidental butt, but lasted until 2:27 of the 14th round when referee Dick Young halted the bout on the recommendation of ring physician Dr. Jack Useem. The two Mexicans, both 118, fought a hard battle throughout with Olivares having the edge in the first five rounds despite the cut on his eye. Olivares began protecting his injured eye when it resumed bleeding in the 7th round and Castillo was quick to seize the advantage, using a spearing left and flurries of punches to get inside the champion's guard and score points. When the 14th round got under way, Olivares' eye was bleeding even before the action started and Castillo's attack opened it up even more. With only 33 seconds to go in the round, the referee called over Useem for the second time and, on his recommendation, stopped the fight." -United Press International

Unofficial scorecards (through 13 rounds)

  • UPI - 5-5 Draw
  • Long Beach Press-Telegram - 7-4 Olivares

  • Attendance - 16,007
  • Gate - $215,902.50
  • Purses - Olivares: $80,000, Castillo: $20,000

Post fight comments

  • "After losing title fights to Rose and Olivares, I knew I had to win this time. It was my last chance." -Chucho Castillo
  • "Castillo didn't fight me any different this time than last time, except for the butts. I got hit solidly a few times, but it wasn't the blows that beat me. I couldn't see. I was in good condition, but I couldn't see." -Ruben Olivares