Ruben Olivares vs. Bobby Chacon (1st meeting)

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Ruben Olivares 126 lbs beat Bobby Chacon 126 lbs by RTD in round 9 of 12

  • Date: 1973-06-23
  • Location: Forum, Inglewood, California, USA
  • Referee: Dick Young
  • NABF Featherweight Title (Vacant Title)


"Former world bantamweight champion Ruben Olivares of Mexico ruined the perfect record of local featherweight hero Bobby Chacon, scoring a 9th round knockout. Chacon, 126, appeared strong in the first two rounds, but Olivares dramatically changed the complexion of the fight in the 3rd and didn't lose another round. Olivares, 125 3/4, knocked Chacon down with a straight right in the first ten seconds of the 9th and then pounded the San Fernando fighter unmercifully for the remainder of the round. During the intermission, Chacon's manager, Joe Ponce, asked referee Dick Young to stop the fight, which had been scheduled for 12 rounds and for the NABF featherweight title." -Associated Press

  • Both fighters collected $40,000 apiece with a crowd of 15,100 paying $174,210 at the gate.
  • NABF title had been stripped from Phil Hudson for failure to defend.

Post fight comments

  • "I don't think the kid has ever learned to pace himself. When Bobby came out full steam in the 1st, I knew it couldn't last so I advised Ruben to just wait him out." -Johnny Flores, Olivares' cornerman
  • "Those body shots were what really did me in. They had me hanging on and gasping for breath." -Bobby Chacon
  • "A lot of people thought I was washed up, but maybe they'll change their tune when I win the featherweight championship." -Ruben Olivares

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# 4
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