Ruben Olivares vs. Zensuke Utagawa

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Ruben Olivares beat Zensuke Utagawa by KO at 1:29 in round 7 of 15

"Ruben Olivares proved again that pound for pound he's one of boxing's hardest hitters as he captured the WBA featherweight crown. Olivares stunned Japan's Zensuke Utagawa with an uppercut and then slammed home a right hand that knocked the Asian 126 pound champion unconscious for three minutes at the Forum Tuesday night. Even before the knockout at 1:29 of the 7th round, Olivares was in complete command. He had scored two knockdowns earlier in the round and two of the officials hadn't given a Utagawa a point." -Associated Press

  • Unofficial AP scorecard (through 6 completed rounds) - 5-1 Olivares
  • Attendance - 13,300
  • Gate - $127,400
  • Purses - Olivares - $50,000, Utagawa - $15,000