Saul Alvarez vs. Liam Smith

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CompuBox Punchstats

Liam Smith lost to Saul Alvarez by KO at 2:28 in round 9 of 12

Alvarez made 5,000,000

Smith made 2,000,000


  • Smith knocked down in rounds seven and eight, and knocked out by a Canelo body shot in round nine. Ten count.

Post Fight Interviews

  • "I told you I was going to give you a great fight and bring you the championship, and here it is," Alvarez told the adoring crowd. "I started controlling him, but in the second round I hurt my hand. I hurt my right hand, so I had to use my left more often. I only used sparingly my right hand, but that's what happened."
  • "Liam Smith was a resilient fighter," Alvarez said. "He was tough, has a lot of heart. He thinks before he attacks. I could tell in the way he blocked and in the way he approached me. The body shot was what I focused on, making sure I worked his body down, and that is what secured the victory.
  • "I felt he was very strong in the beginning, so I felt I had to put that body work in so slowly, so he would dwindle and I did my job."
  • "He was too good and skillful today, and I was too slow," said Smith, 28. "I did hit him with some jabs and right hands, but to be more competitive I needed better timing, and my timing was off. I think maybe if I waited a little longer and gotten more experience I would have been able to fight a guy like that better. I am very disappointed."