Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev (2nd meeting)

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Andre Ward 175 lbs beat Sergey Kovalev 175 lbs by TKO at 2:29 in round 8 of 12


CompuBox Punchstats
Total Punches Ward Kovalev
Landed 80 95
Thrown 238 407
Pct. 33.6% 23.3%
Jabs Ward Kovalev
Landed 27 45
Thrown 94 184
Pct. 28.7% 24.5%
Power Punches Ward Kovalev
Landed 53 50
Thrown 144 223
Pct. 36.8% 22.4%
  • The bout appeared close to even on the scorecards entering round eight. The end came abruptly. Ward, getting inside with power, landed an overhand right to the head of Kovalev at close range, who got hurt. The fight ended in controversy shortly thereafter on the ropes, when Ward landed three hooks to the lower body which appeared to be either borderline low blows or low blows. Kovalev doubled over on the ropes, bending over. The referee awarded Ward a TKO win. Kovalev had complained a number of times about Ward's body punches beforehand even though they appeared to land on the beltline. Johnny Nelson noted "Towards the end, even if the punches Ward landed were borderline, Kovalev should have hit Ward back in the same place. We did not get the camera angle to see where the punches landed exactly at the end, the blows were borderline from close, the referee should have given Kovalev a count and a breather." Paul Malignaggi stated "The stoppage was terrible. Kovalev was up in the fight a little bit. Kovalev was not hurt more than other guys. They (Ward's punches) were definitely borderlines. Kovalev was fading, and Ward was going to win." However, Kovalev, doubled over along the ropes.
  • Purses: Ward $6,500,000 for retaining his titles. Ex-champ Kovalev, who disputed the stoppage and asked for another rematch, was paid a percentage of the Pay-Per-View and tickets.
  • The fight generated a live gate of $2,187,340 and 135,000 pay-per-view buys. [1]
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