Antonio Margarito vs. Carson Jones

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Antonio Margarito 154 lbs beat Carson Jones 154 lbs by TD at 3:00 in round 7 of 10


  • Margarito (41-8-0, 27 KO's) started strong, but soon slowed down in the face of Jones’ (40-12-3, 30 KO's) power. Jones lost a point for leading with his head in the fifth round, by which point he’d begun landing pretty much everything he threw. Margarito, mouth open, showed that he can still absorb ludicrous amounts of punishment but offered nothing to suggest his dream trilogy fight with Miguel Cotto would be anything but a slaughter. Margarito appeared to call it quits after the seventh round, but the referee called for a technical decision due to a cut on Margarito’s oft-damaged eye that he determined to be the product of a headbutt. The judges sided with Margarito with a 68-64 scorecard and two judges scoring it 67-65. Box Azteca had it 66-66. Making Margarito the winner of a controversial technical decision. - Patrick L. Stumberg (